San Cassiano – A Dream Destination

Marmolada_-_View_Alta_Badia_-_Civetta_-_panoramioTucked away amidst the Italian Dolomites, at the base of the Lagazuoi, La Varella, Settsass and Conturines in the Alta Badia skiing zone, is the quaint little village of San Cassiano. A skier’s paradise, San Casino is replete with the comforts of luxurious accommodation and gourmet cuisine. It is a dream destination for both families as well as adventure-seekers challenging their skills on snow-clad mountains. Planning a holiday in San Cassiano is a breeze, for there are several active tour and travel companies that can easily help visitors with necessary arrangements and their itineraries. It is, however, important to opt for a suitable travel insurance before embarking on the trip.


There are quite a few interesting attractions in San Cassiano that are worth exploring.

The Museum Ursus Ladinicus

This museum offers interesting and valuable insights into the life of pre-historic vegetarian bears, Ursus Ladinicus, as well as the history of the Dolomite landscape and its inhabitants. Visitors can see an exhibit of the bear’s remains and can also opt for a guided tour of a neatly preserved cave of this species at the foot of the Conturines.

World War Relics

San Cassanino and its surroundings are home to remnants of the great world wars. While here, visitors can take a look at the relics of historical importance, including a tunnel network in Lagazuoi that houses a couple of mine chambers from WWII.

Villa Varda Premises

The 15th century Villa Varda, set amidst a sprawling park adjacent to the Liverna River, has stood the test of time, thanks to periodic restorations. Housing a 20th century greenhouse, a water reservoir and a quaint chapel from yesteryears, the vast 18-acre park is free to access.


Predominant activities in San Cassiano are, of course, skiing and hiking. Several ski resorts in and around the village draw a steady stream of visitors each year, with some of them offering skiing classes for novices as well. The Alta Badia Skiing zone is suitable for both beginners and expert skiers, making it a great holiday destination for everyone.

Rock climbing enthusiasts will find it quite exciting to scale the scraggy rock faces here. Skating in the ice rinks, tobogganing, sledding, snowshoeing and horse-riding are some of the other activities that can be enjoyed at San Cassiano during winters.

A long, casual stroll along the tree-lined pathways also prove quite relaxing. The paths in Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park to Mount Lagazuoi, or even to Störes meadows, are the best ways to enjoy this scenic terrain during the summer months. Most of these hiking and trekking activities begin in San Cassiano. Glimpses of picturesque sunsets that cause the Dolomites to reflect different shades of pink completes the trip.


photo credit: Guba Zoky Rabko


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