Popular Casinos Around Europe

1280px-Monte_Carlo_Casino_at_DuskGoing on holiday to Europe is something that millions of people do every year, however one type of holiday that you might not think of when booking a European venue is the gambling holiday. Europe actually has hundreds of casinos spread all across its many different countries that you can enjoy while visiting all the others on your list. These casinos are fantastic places to enjoy and relax in while playing all your favourite games. Here are just a few great examples of casinos in Europe.

When visiting Portugal, many people think of all the incredible beaches that spread long and far over its coastal regions. However, in the city of Estoril there’s more than just sea and sand; there’s Europe’s largest casino–Casino Estoril. This casino has an incredible game floor filled with hundreds of different games for you to enjoy for hours on end, both day and night. One city that you do expect to find gambling in is Monte Carlo, Monaco. Packed with all the action you would get from Lucky Nugget casino games it is definitely worth a visit. Monte Carlo itself is a city state that allows the people who live there to be exempt from many of the tax laws of France itself. This, along with the fantastic beaches and social aspects of the city, make for a perfect holiday destination. Another place that was definitely built for the rich and famous is a casino in Germany called the Baden-Baden casino. Not only does it have an incredible casino floor with hundreds of different games to play, but it also has a full hotel and spa treatment services. And to top it all off, it also has horse-racing facilities as well for you to enjoy.

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