Visit the Algarve Off-season

Dona_Ana_beach,_LagosThe Algarve is probably the most popular destination for visitors to Portugal, and it’s easy to see the attraction. Not only are there stunning Atlantic beaches, but there’s plenty to do off the beach as well, including lots of golf courses and places to perfect your back stroke at tennis school.

However, as so many people flock to the Algarve during the summer months, it can feel a little crowded. If you’re not tied to the school holidays, it’s far nicer to visit the Algarve when it’s a bit quieter –  from March through June and again in September and October. You’ll still get great weather, although it may not always be baking-hot at these times.

Porches.PotsBut sometimes this means you can do a lot more active things like hiking and climbing – activities that would be far too draining in the midsummer heat. And the countryside is pretty too, with even more wildflowers in bloom in the spring and autumn than in the summer months.

You can also enjoy visiting the towns along the Algarve off-season, when you don’t have to jostle for a place to sit and have a coffee in the old town of Faro, for example.

A big advantage to travelling outside of peak season is that you can benefit from better prices on flights and packages. For example, you can book Algarve holidays from Manchester during most months of the year, but you’ll notice how the prices jump up during school holidays.

You can even go to the Algarve in the winter, but remember that many of the shops and restaurants only open for the main tourist season, so you may be in for a really quiet trip then! However, you can enjoy walking along almost deserted beaches and seeing a side to the Algarve that most other visitors will never see.

 Have you ever visited the Algarve, Portugal? What were your thoughts? Feel free to comment in the section below!


 Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons –  Lagos, pottery, Silves
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