Good News For Business Travellers 2013

2247355466_53c04074afDespite the economic turmoil, businesses are likely to increase their global reach in 2013. According to a recent study carried out by the Travel Leaders Group, about 80% of corporate travel agents report that business executives are going to take flights as often, or even more often, as they did in 2012.

Barry Liben, CEO of the Travel Leaders Group, commented, “Over 77 % of our business-travel experts polled indicated they were optimistic about their business heading into 2013, while another 18% stated they were neutral about the coming year”.

The news about business travel industry growth is supported by more figures from the Business Travel Show team. There was a 1% rise in the number of Business Travel Show visitors on 4-5 February in comparison with the year before. Altogether, 6,148 business travel professionals attended the show in 2013. The number of exhibitors increased from 197 to 205, and three quarters of the presented exhibitors have already made bookings for 2014.

As the attendance rate rises, industry professionals see positive trends in business travel. To support further industry growth, experts suggest making business travel “increasingly strategic” in 2013. According to David Padman, general manager from Travelscene Corporate, this means placing “a stronger focus on mobility, procurement and increased use of technologies”.

A minor per cent of companies believe their business travel rates are going to decline in 2013. To prevent this from happening, industry experts suggest a number of measures. First and foremost, it’s crucial for corporate travellers to use services of reputable travel management companies.

Barry Liben explains that “finding ways to trim costs and save on business travel” is paramount, and using reliable business travel management services brings an immediate advantage as it allows travelling “more frequently as they contain costs on each individual trip”. Business travel management also helps solve such difficulties as flight delays, limited airline seating and getting through security which turned out to be the major concerns for corporate travellers.

The bottom line is that turning to a reputable travel management company is an effective way to benefit from trouble-free business travel, cost savings, increased cost control and flexible booking options in 2013.

Photo credit: thinkpanama (creative commons license) 
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