Where in the world am I? (#24)

I can’t believe it’s been over two months since the last “Where in the world am I?” photo challenge!  Like in weeks past, I’ll give no clues up front, but will periodically tweet and post clues on my Facebook and Google+ pages to help you out. So, if you don’t already follow me on Twitter, click here.

Do you know where I took this photo? Here are the rules:

  • Leave your guess here on my blog only (not on Facebook or Twitter) by Friday, June 8th at noon (PDT).
  • I’ll be giving out hints via Twitter & Facebook throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • One guess per hint (i.e.: with each hint, you can leave a new guess.)
  • One winner will randomly be selected from those who answer correctly and will be featured on my Facebook Fan PageTwitter and Google+ Page with his/her name, blog (if applicable), Twitter and Facebook page, as well as a brief bio.
  • Anyone can participate!

Here are the clues I’ve given so far:

Clue #1: This rock formation was named for a Greek god.Clue #2: One name for this body of water is very “colorful.”

Clue #3: John Steinbeck wrote about this place.


The answer and winner of this week’s challenge:

I knew this would be an easy one but thought (and hoped) my clues might mislead people. However, everyone who guessed got it right!  The answer is El Arco de Cabo San Luis in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Also known as the Arch of Poseidon or Land’s End, this distinctive rock formation separates the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Cortez (also called the Gulf of California and the Vermillion Sea.) This photo was actually taken by my dad on his vacation to Cabo with my mom a couple weeks ago. I’ve been to Cabo San Lucas on a cruise many years ago but unfortunately don’t have any digital photos.

Like I said, everyone got it right this week. However, after randomly selecting a winner, congratulations are due to Barbara Weibel at Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel!

I can really identify with this week’s winner. Barbara says she felt like a donut – a wonderful outer shell with an empty, hollow inside. One day she asked herself, “What brings me joy?” and realized the answer was photography, writing and travel. Now she moves from country to country, staying a minimum of a month in most places in order to immerse in the culture. Her blog, Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel, features amazing stories about these destinations, the interesting people she meets, and the never-ending spiritual lessons she learns. So, be sure to check out Barbara’s blog at Hole in the Donut.com, become a fan of her Facebook and Google+ Pages and follow her on Twitter too!


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