Travel Channel’s “Travel Unraveled”

I’ve been working in television for fifteen years and finally have something that I can promote on my travel blog! The company I work for, Asylum Entertainment, is producing a hilarious new series for Travel Channel called “Travel Unraveled.” It will premiere with back-to-back episodes next Sunday, April 22nd at 8:00 p.m., with repeats throughout the week.

Whether you’re hopping in your car for a day trip to the beach or boarding a cruise ship for a week-long luxury escape, you never know what kind of adventure—or mishap—fate has in store for you. When your best-laid travel plans go horribly awry, someone  always seems to be there with a camera to capture your vacation calamity on tape. Whether it’s an encounter with a wild beast, a spontaneous bikini malfunction, or a water-sports wipeout, lucky for us someone recorded it for posterity for all to see. This is where “Travel Unraveled” comes in.

Each half-hour episode of “Travel Unraveled” presents real people in candid home-video moments as their vacation plans come apart at the seams. With light-hearted (if somewhat sarcastic) narration, on-camera interviews and some truly unbelievable video clips, the series provides a glimpse at trips going boom, bust and everything in between.

Some scenes include a man who goes one-on-one with a shark, a gang of monkeys that pulls off the ultimate heist, and bikini-clad go-go girls in compromising—and possibly painful—positions. Experience the low-tech, high-risk thrills of a real-life Redneck Rodeo, and if you’ve never seen a man kicked in the head by a horse…well, some moments just need to be seen to be believed. Others include a cliff-diving frat boy who nearly loses his life—and in the process loses his board shorts, a snowboarding fan who takes one for the team—right in the face, and you’ll see why kitesurfing and jetskis definitely do not mix.  Meanwhile, the weather forecast calls for high winds, hail storms and some hilarious mishaps.

Be sure to catch “Travel Unraveled” when it premieres Sunday, April 22nd at 8:00 p.m. on Travel Channel HD (and at 11:00 p.m. on Travel Channel SD)! Check your local listings for additional showtimes.

p.s. Look for my name in the credits too!


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