Where in the world am I? (#23)

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since the last “Where in the world am I?” photo challenge!  This time around it’s going to be a little harder than usual. As you can tell by this picture, it could have been taken just about anywhere. However, with each clue I give, it will be easier to figure out. At the end, I will post more photos and share additional information about this interesting location too.

Like in weeks past, I’ll give no clues up front, but will periodically tweet and post clues on my Facebook and Google+ pages to help you out. So, if you don’t already follow me on Twitter, click here.

Do you know where I took this photo?

  • Leave your guess here on my blog only (not on Facebook or Twitter) by Friday, March 30th at noon (PDT).
  • I’ll be giving out hints via Twitter & Facebook throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • One guess per hint (i.e.: with each hint, you can leave a new guess.)
  • One winner will randomly be selected from those who answer correctly and will be featured on my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and Google+ Page with his/her name, blog (if applicable), Twitter and Facebook page, as well as a brief bio.
  • Anyone can participate!

Please note: Moderation is turned on for this contest and all comments will need to be approved before they are posted. No need to resubmit your comment. This way, no one will steal your answer!

Here are the clues I’ve given so far:

  1. I’m standing on an island.
  2. Nostradamus reportedly predicted that this place would be earth’s final refuge after Armageddon.
  3. This view is from outside 100,000-year-old caverns.
  4. This place has a notorious nightlife.
  5. The island was founded by the Phonecians in 654 BCE.


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The answer and winner of this week’s contest:

I knew this one would get easier after I started giving clues. The correct answer is Ibiza, Spain! Four people got it right,  but after randomly selecting a winner, congratulations are due to Ruth Rieckehoff from Tanama Tales!

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands of the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Well known for its notorious club scene in the summer months, Ibiza is also a place of great historical and natural wonders too. This photo was taken from the entrance to the  Cova de Can Marçà, spectacular underground caverns that you can access by guided tour. Below are additional photos from the inside of the caverns.

This week’s winner, Ruth Rieckehoff, is originally from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She’s one of the most prolific travel bloggers that I follow and her blog is well worth checking out. Be sure to visit TanamaTales.com, become a fan of Ruth’s Facebook and Google+ Pages and follow her on Twitter too! (In case you were wondering, “tanama” is the Taino word for butterfly.  The Tainos were the pre-Columbian habitants of the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles and some of the Lesser Antilles.)





Here’s the photo from the last challenge, correctly identified as Dubrovnik, Croatia by Katrina at Tour AbsurdNicknamed “The Pearl of the Adriatic,” one of the best things to do in this UNESCO World Heritage-recognized city is to walk around the nearly 2 km (1.24 mile) walls that completely encircle the old town. They’re up to six metres thick and are guarded by a system of turrets and towers that were built to protect the vulnerable city. They also make for amazing photo ops!

Katrina is an American expat who lives in Cork, Ireland with her Italian husband. She writes her blog to share her “adventures and observations about the absurdities and delights of life.” Be sure to check out TourAbsurd.com, become a fan of Katrina’s Facebook and Google+ Pages and follow her on Twitter too!


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