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As I’m sure you’re aware, there are countless hotel booking sites out there. In recent years it’s become commonplace for regular people (like you and me) to forego a travel agent and simply book hotels on their own. I was approached by the folks at to check out their website and here are my impressions:


The site has a sleek look with a bold orange logo that really grabs your attention. The layout is user friendly and easy to navigate. You just enter your destination city in the box, select your dates, number of rooms and guests, then click “search.”  It’s that simple.

Search Results

Your results pop up instantaneously, listing all of the hotels that are available in your destination city. You can sort the options by price, number of stars, distance from the city center, guest reviews, or by the website’s “favorites.” What I particularly liked about is that all of the information comes up on one scrollable page. I also like the way the hotel photos are “stacked” kind of like a pile of Polaroids. When you click on the top photo, a new window expands, displaying the available hotel shots. Each hotel shows how many rooms are currently available, so you can gauge if you might lose out on the room if you don’t act fast. If you click the “Show on a Map” tab, a Google map drops down so you can see the hotel’s location in relation to sights and other hotels. There are also several filter options to further narrow down your search, if you so desire. You can then click on the “View Accommodation” tab to be taken to the hotel’s individual page, which will give you more information about the property. I sampled some hotels in Peru for a trip I’m planning later this spring. You can even download free city guides for popular destinations.

Comparison Tool

When you’re on the Search Results page and you spot a room that interests you, you can click on the little + sign in the “compare” column next to the room and it will be added to the comparison tool at the bottom right of your screen. Now you can continue to filter through the results adding additional hotels that interest you. You can also add hotels to the comparison tool from their individual pages by clicking the “save” box next to the room you like. [I did find this a little confusing. I think that both sections should be called the same thing—either “compare” or “save.” I don’t see a reason for having two separate names for the same function.] Once you’ve finished browsing through the search results you can click the compare button at the bottom right to be presented with a side-by-side comparison of all of the rooms you’ve selected. I’ve used this type of comparison feature when I’ve shopped for electronics and cars online before, but this is the first time I’ve seen it on a hotel-booking site. I really like it.


Once you’ve decided on a hotel, you simply click on the green “Book Now” arrow, which takes you to the booking screen. This page is very streamlined and easy to use as well. You just enter your contact and billing information and make your reservation. You’ll receive a confirmation email once you’ve made your purchase. offers a lowest rate guarantee (or they’ll refund the difference) and they don’t charge any additional booking fees. I did a little checking with other hotel-booking sites and confirmed that the prices were indeed the same, if not lower.

Overall is a site that I will actually use. I really liked the option to compare hotels, its simplicity and ease of use. I really liked the easy-to-spot Wi-Fi logo listed next to hotels that offer free Wi-Fi—something that I always want when I travel these days. EasyToBook seems to live up to its name. It really is easy to book.

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