Where in the world am I? (#16)

It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for another “Where in the world am I?” photo challenge! Like in weeks past, I’ll give no clues up front, but will periodically tweet and post clues on my Facebook and Google+ pages to help you out. So, if you don’t already follow me on Twitter, click HERE.

Do you know where this photo was taken?

  • Leave your guess here on my blog only (not on Facebook or Twitter) by Friday, October 14th at noon (PDT).
  • I’ll be giving out hints via Twitter & Facebook throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • One guess per hint (i.e.: with each hint, you can leave a new guess).
  • One winner will be randomly selected from those who answer correctly and will be featured on my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and Google+ Page with his/her name, blog (if applicable), twitter, as well as a brief bio.
  • Anyone can participate!

You’re not done yet! Be sure to check out Budget Travel Adventures where you can play along with more fun photo challenges!

Here are the clues I’ve given so far:

Clue #1: This city’s name roughly translates to “elbow.” 

Clue #2: Ancient Greek merchants established a Tyrian purple factory here.

Clue #3: About 1 million people pass through here annually (but few stop to look around.)

The answer and winner of this week’s challenge:

I thought this would be a hard one, but five people got it right this week. (I must have given good clues!) The answer is Ancona, Italy, a port city located on the Adriatic Sea. Tourists often catch overnight ferries en route to Croatia and Greece from here. In fact, this photo was taken from the deck of the ship I took to Split, Croatia last year.

Like I said, five people answered correctly this week. However, after randomly selecting a winner, congratulations are due to Kiley Ariail at gogovivi.com! Kiley is an American expatriate living with her husband and daughter in Qingdao, in northern China. She’s a portrait and travel photographer so be sure to visit her blog and check out her photography website too!

I’ll also give shout outs to Amy, Jeremy, Eric and Stathis for knowing the right answer too. Thanks for playing guys!

Here’s a photo taken from the hillside, looking down at the port (and the Jadrolinija ferry that I boarded that night.) 

Here was last week’s photo, correctly identified by Daniël at Globe-Trekking.com. This photo was taken at the gorgeous Parade Gardens in Bath, England. The city has been world famous for its mineral springs ever since the Roman times (when it was known as Aquae Sulis).

Daniël shares his love for travel on his blog and believes that nothing is better in life than the ability to see and experience the world. Be sure to check him out on Facebook and follow him on Twitter too!

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