Even More Fun Travel Apps (Part 1)

I’m always on the lookout for useful apps for my iPhone and iPad when I travel. A few months ago I listed five fun & free travel apps, which ended up being one of my most popular posts ever. Since then, I’ve come across a bunch of cool travel apps that I tested and can recommend. They’re all free (or cheap) and are great for every type of traveler. So whether you’re flying by the seat of your pants on a round-the-world adventure or living the highlife at one of the many all inclusive holidays out there, these apps are definitely worth checking out. It’s truly amazing what’s possible with technology these days!


World Fact Book 2011

For the travel nerd in all of us, this app is like a mini almanac with interesting facts and figures for more than 250 countries and territories around the world. It displays each country’s flag and map and lists the natural resources, GDP, religion, ethnic groups, geography, people, government, etc. It’s a fun way to learn about places before you travel there! [99¢]





Cruise Finder

This app provides detailed information on twenty popular cruise lines and over 220 ships. You can view deck plans, ship stats, amenities, maps and photos of staterooms too. Plus, it lists over 12,000 itineries with day-by-day descriptions, prices, and activities offered. I even found information on the cruise that I took a couple years ago. [Free]






Skyscanner is a search engine that allows you to search millions of flights on over 600 airlines worldwide. With access to multiple airlines, travel agencies and routes,  it’s easy to find the least expensive ticket no matter where you are. It also provides price comparisons for hotels and car rentals, which you can book right on your iPhone too. This app is independent so lists flights for just about every airline, including low-cost airlines, in seconds. You can choose to display the costs in whichever currency you prefer, too. [Free]




From Adelaide to Zurich, this app displays up-to-date subway and light rail maps for more than 137 cities around the world. An Internet connection is not needed to view the maps, so you won’t have to deal with roaming charges and you can even use it while underground. The best part is that you can navigate the subway without looking like a tourist. It’s a great resource and well worth the price. [99¢]




Appbox Lite

This app has multiple functions, several of which are great for travelers. It has the all-important currency converter, a list of holidays around the world, a tip calculator, and a unit converter (length, temperature, weight, etc.) It even has a “mirror” utilizing the front-facing camera so you can be sure you look great on the road. [The Lite version is free; the Pro version offers a few more functions and costs $1.99.]



Disneyland MouseWait

There are a few different apps out there that display the current wait times for attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure, but I like this one best. With MouseWait, you won’t have to walk clear across the park only to find that your favorite ride has a huge line. MouseWait uses GPS technology to find nearby restaurants, events (like shows and parades), restrooms and even iPhone charging stations. It also displays webcams and general information like park hours and weather. There’s a separate app for the theme parks of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida too. [Free]


What do you think? Have you used any of these apps before? Feel free to comment in the section below. I’ll have six more fun travel apps for you next week!


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