Where in the world am I? (#11)

It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for another “Where in the world am I?” photo challenge! This week I was inspired by another travel blog that I follow, Holes in my Soles. On his site, Jim asked people to post photos or stories relating to the Cycle of Life. I interpreted this in an abstract way, by juxtaposing a photo of an old Baroque tower with one of its reflection in the windows of a modern building across the street. I love it when cities have architecture from different epochs standing side-by-side.

So, do you know where I took these photos? Like in weeks past, I’ll give no clues up front, but will periodically tweet and post clues on my Facebook and Google+ pages to help you out. So, if you don’t already follow me on Twitter, click HERE.

One winner will be randomly selected from those who answer correctly and will be featured on my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and Google+ Page with his/her name, blog, twitter, as well as a brief bio.

You’re not done yet! Be sure to check out Budget Travel Adventures where you can play along with more fun photo challenges.


* Please note: Moderation is turned on for this contest and all comments will need to be approved before they are posted.  No need to resubmit your comment.  This way, no one will steal your answer!

Here are the clues I’ve given so far:

Clue #1: The name of the city is derived from a Celtic word meaning bright or fair. 

Clue #2: The city centre is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Clue #3: There are more people buried in the city’s central cemetery than are alive in the city.

Clue #4:  Sister Cities include Moscow, Tel Aviv and Tunis.

Clue #5: A capital city, it was once part of a mighty empire.


The answer & winner for this week’s “Where in the world am I?”

After randomly selecting a winner from those who answered correctly, congratulations are due to Cathy Sweeney of Traveling With Sweeney for knowing this photo was taken in Vienna, Austria! Cathy started her blog so she can share her perspectives on places she’s been, places she wants to go, great travel ideas she’s heard about, tips she’s learned or just travel-related topics that she find interesting. Be sure to check her out on Facebook and follow her on Twitter too!

I’ll also give props to Barbara of The Dropout Diaries for guessing Vienna too!

Here was last week’s photo, correctly identified as Bellagio, Italy by Jennifer Ulrich from Design By Jen. Jen is a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. She started her blog as an avenue to connect with others, as well as a space to share things she’s excited about. Her interests include art, travel, design (interior, architecture, graphic), food, drinks, photography… you get the idea!  Check out her site and join her journey!  You can also follow her on Twitter and be a fan of hers on Facebook too!



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