Some Like It Hot!

Do you like the ocean to be as warm as bathwater? Or would you prefer a cool and refreshing dip instead? Summer is fast approaching and vacationers in the U.S. will soon be hitting the beaches and lakeshores in droves. Here are ten popular spots, along with their average air and water temperatures for mid-July (in degrees Fahrenheit.) As you can see, there’s something for everyone. Which of these sounds best to you?


Average Water Temperature Air Temperature (Highs)
Miami Beach, Florida 86˚ 92˚
Lake Havasu, Arizona 84˚ 103˚
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 83˚ 91˚
Honolulu, Hawaii 80˚ 81˚
South Padre Island, Texas 79˚ 98˚
Jersey Shore, New Jersey 70˚ 80˚
Cape Cod, Massachusetts 67˚ 78˚
Chicago, Illinois 64˚ 95˚
Coronado, California 66˚ 81˚
Malibu, California 67˚ 78˚


** Historical data for air temperatures is from the Farmers’ Almanac and for water temperatures is from the National Oceanographic Data Center.


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