Tuesday's Travel Tip: Travel Podcasts

Pretty much everyone travels with an iPod these days—whether it’s a nano, iPod touch, video iPod, or even an iPad. What I find useful (and fun) is to download podcasts about the destination I’m visiting before I leave home. Then, I listen to them on the airplane, train, or while sightseeing when I get there.

At Apple’s iTunes Store you can get both video and audio podcasts for virtually anywhere in the world for free. Popular hosts like Samantha Brown and Rick Steves or guidebooks like Lonely Planet and Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel all have their own podcasts. Just do a search on iTunes for your destination and all sorts of options will show up. Download the ones that interest you, sync your iPod, and you’re all set! It always puts me in the traveling spirit when I can learn about places that I’m visiting before I get there.

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