Tuesday’s Travel Tip: Pack-Mates

This week’s travel tip comes in the form of my very first product endorsement!*  I first used Pack-Mates™ on my trip to Europe this past May. Basically, they are like giant Ziploc bags, only they have one-way valves on the bottom. What you do is place your folded clothing inside, zip it shut, and then slowly roll it up, forcing all of the air out. When you unroll the bag, it’s flat and virtually half the thickness of when you started.

By using Pack-Mates™ you can fit much more in your suitcase. Also, because they’re airtight, you only need to open one up when you need fresh clothing (and that stinky luggage smell won’t saturate your clothes.) They really help keep you organized and make packing much more efficient.

They come in two handy sizes: Large is 27 1/2″ x 18″ and costs under $10, and Medium is 19 1/2 x 14″ and costs $7.95. You can buy them on Amazon or click here for a shortcut to the StruxTravel Store!


* I have not received any compensation for this endorsement. This is a fully impartial review of this product.

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